Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Help?

People are diagnosed with cancer, autoimmune diseases and other life-threatening illnesses every day. These patients rely on not just tried-and-true treatments, but on novel therapies. Beacon Biologics bridges the gap between research and patient care, making it possible for individuals to receive the newest, most effective treatments possible.

Who can donate white cells?

Healthy individuals over 18 years of age may be eligible. Because the cells collected by Beacon Biologics are not used for transfusion, you may be eligible to contribute with Beacon Biologics even if you are unable to donate blood.

Where can I donate?

Beacon Biologics currently has one location:
2111 W Braker Ln #200, Austin, TX 78758

What am I allowed to donate?

We collect white blood cells using an apheresis machine. The collected cells then go to scientific or medical researchers or novel cell therapy manufacturers to help create new treatments and cures for cancer, autoimmune disorders and other rare diseases.

Will I be compensated for my time?

Yes. Your time will be compensated based on the rates below.

  • Whole blood tube collection at screening visit: $25
  • Apheresis collection: $175 plus one of the following, if successful:
    • White blood cell collection: $175
    • Red blood cell collection: $175
    • Platelets: $175
    • Plasma: $175

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Beacon Biologics partners with people like you to enable research that saves lives. Your white cell donation makes groundbreaking research and discovery of new treatments possible around the world.

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