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Donors must be 18 years and older and present a government or school issued photo ID, live in Texas and able to donate in person at our Austin center.

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Types of Donations

Recurring white cell donors may be required to return for additional whole blood tube collections in advance of future white blood cell donations.

Whole Blood Tube | Time 45 minutes *

Tubes of whole blood contain four main components: plasma, platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells.

Collection process: A nurse or technician will collect tubes of whole blood directly from an arm vein. Your arm will be sterilized, and all collection materials are sterile and disposable.

White Blood Cells | Time 4 hours *

White blood cells are cells of the immune system that protect the body against infectious disease. This makes them invaluable to researchers working on new therapies in the fight against cancer, autoimmune diseases, and other rare illnesses.

Collection process: White blood cells are collected from an arm vein by leukapheresis, a type of blood collection that removes whole blood from the donor, separates the white blood cells, and returns the remaining blood components back to the donor in the other arm.

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Beacon Biologics partners with people like you to enable research that saves lives. Your white cell donation makes groundbreaking research and discovery of new treatments possible around the world.

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